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Supertitions And Beliefs For The June Celebrations

The folklore of June Celebrations is one of the richest in Brazil,

Supertitions And Beliefs For The June Celebrations

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Last update: 20/03/2020

By: Lúcia Gaspar - Librarian of the Fundação Joaquim Nabuco

The folklore of June Celebrations is one of the richest in Brazil, especially in the Northeast region. In addition to leisure, cuisine, music and dances, there is a great amount of superstitions and beliefs that are part of the traditions; uses and habits of the people, that are present specially in Northeastern small towns.

There are many divination attempts, superstition rituals and “fortunes” (prophecies on love matters), associated specially to marriage, done in the eve of the days of Saint Anthony (June 13) – the marriage saint – Saint John (June 24) and Saint Peter (June 29), that give many people hope for their achievements, specially ladies that would like to get married.

Luís da Câmara Cascudo and several other folklore analysts registered those traditions, that have been passed on for several generations, contributing for the preservation of Brazilian popular culture. Here follow some of those superstitions:

• Introduce an unused knife in the trunk of a banana plant. The following day, it will show the initial of your future husband or wife;

• Put two needles in a bowl with water. If they touch each other, it means that there will be a wedding;

• Pass a basil branch over a bonfire and throw it on the roof. If the next day when you get up the plant is still green, you will get married to a young man; if it is wilted, with an old man;

• Put a very pretty flower under your pillow. If in the morning it’s still pretty, you will get married soon;

• Pray in your bedroom for Saint Anthony to find you a fiancé and then look outside the window. If the first person that passes is young, the fiancé will be there soon, if they are old, it will take some time;

• Get an unused candle and a plate with water in it. Light the candle and drip it on the water, while praying the Hail Holy Queen. Pray until “show unto us” and say: show unto me the man I will marry. If it forms the shape of a letter, it is the initial of the man you will marry;

• Seek a pepper plant in the dark that has green and red peppers. Remove one pepper without seeing the color, wrap it in a piece of paper and put it under your pillow. Open the piece of paper the next day; if the pepper is green, your husband will be young; if it is red, you will marry an old man;

• When you get up on Saint John’s day, shuffle a deck of cards three times and ask someone else to separate it. If the card is of the diamond suit, your dream is about to come true;

• In each end of your sheet, write the name of a person you like and tie a loose knot in each one of them.  The next day, the knot that is undone will show the name of your husband or wife;

• Fasten a piece of ribbons to your pillow and pray. If the next day the ribbon is loose, you will definitely get engaged;

• Put a bit of egg white in a water glass. If the next day the image formed is similar to a church, it means you’ll get married; if it looks like a ship, there’s a trip coming, etc.

• Fill your mouth with water and stay behind your house’s door. The first woman or man’s name you hear will be the name of your fiancé or fiancée;

• Plant three garlic cloves three days before Saint John’s day. The number of garlic bulbs that sprout is the number of years until you get married. If no bulb sprout, the person won’t get married.

• Tie a thread to a wedding ring and hold it above a water glass. Without moving your hand, count how many times the ring hits the glass. The number of times it happens is the number of years that the person will have to wait to get married;

• Write each letter of the alphabet in a piece of paper. Fold them and put them in a bowl with water and leave it the open air at night. The first one to open has the initial of your future husband;

• Put a coin in a bonfire. The next day, get the coin and give it to the first homeless person you see. The name of that homeless person is the name of your future fiancé or husband;

• Prepare a bowl of canjica and put a wedding ring inside it. Distribute the canjica in pieces to the young ladies in the room. The one that gets the piece with the ring will be the first one to get married.

Recife, April 18, 2013.

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