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Brazilian football, slang and phrases

Slang had its origin in the speech of marginalized groups who did not want to be understood by those who did not belong to the group, establishing itself as an important resource for communication and expression.

Brazilian ‘Valentine’s Day’

Dating can be considered as the initial manifestation of the biological tendency to form heterosexual pairs by sexual attraction that develops in man from the organic changes of adolescence and puberty.


Câmara Cascudo points out in his Dictionary of Brazilian Folklore that, according to tradition, the Holy Family retreated to a cave (in Portuguese, a lapa or grotto), when the Baby Jesus had been born. From this comes the term lapinha.


A folk play such as bumba-meu-boi, belonging to the Christmas cycle snd extending to the Feast of the Holy Kings. It is part of the folklore of the Northern Forest region of Pernambuco.

Supertitions And Beliefs For The June Celebrations

The folklore of June Celebrations is one of the richest in Brazil, especially in the Northeast region. In addition to leisure, cuisine, music and dances, there is a great amount of superstitions and beliefs that are part of the traditions; uses and habits of the people, that are present specially in