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Pernambuco Carnival: foods and drinks

Recife has a special flavor on Carnival days, it comes with a lot of hunger and thirst, because dancing to frevo requires a lot of sustenance, to reactivate your strength.

Pernambuco Carnival: foods and drinks

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Last update: 03/03/2023

By: Claudia M. de Assis Rocha Lima - Researcher at the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation - PhD in Sciences of Religion

Recife has a special flavor during Carnival, a typical childhood flavor, from the sweet taste of “Filhós” or “Filhoses,” served with much sugar syrup and a light touch of clove or fennel. If you want to try it, here’s the recipe: 1/2 kilogram of wheat flour; 1 tablespoon of oil; 6 eggs; 1 tablespoon of yeast; enough water; salt. Boil water with salt and gradually add flour until it becomes a thick porridge. After well cooked, remove it from heat and let it cool down. Add the remaining ingredients and mix the dough, which should be a little thin. Fry the filhoses in hot oil, poured in spoonfuls and, after fried, let them rest on baking paper. Separately, make fennel or clove honey as follows: 1/2 kilogram of sugar, 2 cups of water, and a bag of fennel, boil until the liquid evaporates, becoming honey. Taste it and approve it.

The Carnival is accompanied by a lot of hunger, since dancing the frevo requires a lot of sustenance. To regain your strength, we suggest: Sarapatel (pork offals); Cod; Chambaril (ossobuco beef stew); Mão de vaca (beef leg stew); Guaiamunzada; among many other dishes that form the Pernambuco menu.

Many drinks emerged as typical of the Carnival, such as Pau do Índio and Axé, which are homemade, sold on the slopes of Olinda. But the traditional taste of revelry is the passion fruit bate-bate, served in clay filters, to the drinker’s taste. Make your bate-bate: 1/2 bottle of good quality aguardente; 1/3 bottle of passion fruit juice; 1 cup of honey (weak); 1 tablespoon of bee honey; mix and serve it.



Recife, March 31, 2010. 

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