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Banners of Carnival Associations

The Carnival banner is a decoratively designed and embroidered flag, normally of rectangular cloth, suspended from a horizontal crossbar called a ‘travessa’ and a vertical pole called a ‘varão’, representing allegories and symbols of the associations.

Carnival of Olinda

The Carnivals of Recife and Olinda are mixed in the consolidation of commitment to the reveler, because the festival focus on popular participation.

Corso of Recife Carnival

The ‘Corso’, one of the most traditional street parties of the Recife Carnival, consisted of a parade of decorated vehicles in the central streets of the city, with mostly costumed partygoers throwing confetti and streamers at the occupants of other vehicles.


Frevioca, a type of Recife Carnival ‘trio elétrico’, was created in 1979, debuting on the central city streets in the 1980 Carnival.