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Geraldo Magalhães Melo

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Civil engineer, mayor of the city of Recife


Geraldo Magalhães Melo

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By: Virginia Barbosa - Librarian of the Fundação Joaquim Nabuco

Geraldo Magalhães Melo, a civil engineer, was the fourth son of Odorico Meloand Rosa Parente de Magalhães Melo, sister of Agamenon Sérgio de Godoy Magalhães, a former Interventor and Governor of Pernambuco, Minister of Labour and of Justice under President Getúlio Vargas, and professor of general theory of the state at the Recife Faculty of Law.

The call to public life, a legacy from his uncle Agamenon, was answered only by his brothers Roberto (former governor of Pernambuco, Recife’s former mayor and currently in his fourth term as congressman), Zezito (former state representative) and Luiz (Congressman, now deceased).

In the 1950s, Geraldo joined the Department of Highways (DER)as an engineer and, as a technician, had no desire to enter public life. However, in 1969, he was appointed by Governor Nilo Coelho (1967-1971) and approved by the Legislative Assembly to be mayor of the city of Recife. It was a very difficult time in Brazilian political history as the military dictatorship had set up in the country and the state capitals were seen as areas of national security by military governments.

He served for one year and eleven months (1969-1970), and his management was marked by strong urban changes:

He built: the first three flyovers in the city (João de Barros Avenue, North Avenue, and the Fort ofthe Five Points), the Stadium that bears his name, popularly known as the “Geraldão” (‘Big Geraldo’) in Imbiribeira; and Mascarenhas de Morais Avenue;

He started the landscaping work in Boa Viagem, and the initial works for Agamenon Magalhães Avenue;

He urbanized Aurora St;

He restored São Pedro Patio;

 He expanded Caxangá Avenue

 He opened: schools, community centres, urban clinics.

Upon finishing his term as mayor, he worked in the 1970s as president of the defunct Social Security Institute of the State of Pernambuco Servers (IPSEP). From 1982-1986, he served as vice president of Pernambuco State Bank (BANDEPE), where he modernised the banking operation, especially in IT.

Geraldo Magalhaes Melo died on 24 February 2009, aged 82, due to surgical complications. He left six children and nine grandchildren.

Recife, 30 march 2009.
(Updated on 14 september 2009).

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