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13 de Maio, Park, Recife

The first public parks in Brazil were influenced by European landscape artists. They were mirrored on the models of the beautiful French and English gardens, which sought to value the regional flora and ensure a better quality of life for people.

Afogados (neighbourhood, Recife)

At the beginning of the colonisation of Pernambuco, the land comprising the Afogados neighbourhood was donated to Jerônimo de Albuquerque by grantee Duarte Coelho.

Apipucos (neighbourhood, Recife)

Apipucos or‘Apopucos’,as it used to be spelt, is an indigenous Tupi (Apé-Puc) name that meanslong pathto some, and path that divides, crossroads or where two paths meet to others.

Apolo Theatre, Recife, PE

Constructed between 1835 and 1840, the theatre was only inaugurated on 19 December 1846, with the staging of the play O Mouro de Ormuz (The Moor from Ormuz) and compliments from the local press about the building’s architecture.

Arruda (Neighbourhood, Recife)

In the early twentieth century, the current district of Arruda was known as New Road and, until the arrival of the first ‘maxambomba’ (small locomotives where the drivers worked in a cabin with no cover), it was an unappealing place.