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Abreu e Lima (general)

José Inácio de Abreu e Lima, military officer, politician and historian, participated under the command of Simon Bolívar of the Venezuelan and Colombian independence wars and actively took part in the political development of Brazil. He was a free thinker, republican and defender of socialist ideas.

Agamenon Magalhães

On 5 November 1894, in the former town of Vila Bela in the Pernambuco hinterland, today Serra Talhada, Agamenon Sérgio de Godoy Magalhães was born. He came from a family of ten children – four boys and six girls. He was the son of Antônia de Godoy Magalhães and Sérgio Nunes de Magalhães.

Aníbal Fernandes

Aníbal Gonçalves Fernandes was a teacher, a journalist, a cabinet official of Governor Sérgio Loreto, Secretary of Justice and Instruction, and a state congressman, but his greatest passion was journalism.

Arthur Orlando

Arthur Orlando da Silva was born on 29 July 1858 in Recife, to Lieutenant Jose Caetano da Silva and Belarmina Augusta de Moraes de Mesquita Pimentel da Silva.

Augusto Lucena

Considered an enthusiast of modern things, Augusto da Silva Lucena is the target of both criticism and praise when it comes to his administration as mayor of the city of Recife for two terms.