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Alceu Valença

Alceu Paiva Valença, son of lawyer Décio de Souza Valença and Mrs Adelma Paiva Valença, was born on 1 July 1946 in São Bento do Una, a town in the southern ‘Agreste’region of Pernambuco.

Antônio Nóbrega

Antonio Carlos Nóbregawas born in Recife, on 2May 1952 and is a violinist, singer, dancer and actor. He lived in various cities of the Pernambucointerior until the age of 10, as a result of the profession of his father, a public health doctor who had to move periodically.

Cartola (singer and composer)

Cartola, born Angenor de Oliveira, was a singer and composer from Rio de Janeiro who was responsible for major samba hits. His life was not always easy. The third son of Sebastião Joaquim de Oliveira and Aida Gomes de Oliveira until the age of eleven led a comfortable life.

Catullo da Paixão Cearense

On 8 October 1863 in São Luís, Maranhão, Catullo da Paixão Cearense was born. His parents were Maria Celestina Braga da Paixão and Amâncio José da Paixão Cearense, a goldsmith. Catullo had two brothers: Gil and Gerson. When he was ten, his family moved to the semi-arid region of Ceará.


José Domingos de Moraes, known as Dominguinhos, was born in Garanhuns, Pernambuco, on 12 February 1941, to the famous bagpipe player and tuner, master Chicão.