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Lenine, Oswaldo Lenine Macedo Pimentel, singer, composer, arranger, musician and producer, was born on 2 February 1959 in Recife, to Geraldo Pimentel and Dayse Macedo Pimentel.

Luiz Bandeira

In 1950 he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he debuted on Rio nights as an orchestra singer at Copacabana Palace; he also worked at Rádio Nacional. In this period, Luiz Bandeira composed Na cadência do samba (In a Samba Rhythm), also known as Que bonito é (What a Beauty It Is), which was for many years

Luiz Gonzaga

Known as the king of ‘baião’, Luiz do Nascimento Gonzaga was born on 13 December 1912, on the Caiçara farm, in the municipality of Exu, located at the foot of the Serra do Araripe, Pernambuco. He was the son of accordionist and instrument repairman Januário José dos Santos and Ana Batista de Jesus.

Manezinho Araújo

On 27 September 1910 in Cabo, Pernambuco, Manuel Pereira de Araújo was born, known as Manezinho Araújo. He was the son of Joventina Pereira de Araújo and José Brasilino de Araújo, an employee who worked for forty years at the Great Western Company.


Augusto Gomes Rodrigues’ nickname, a singer and composer born in 1916, in Quatipuru in Pará’s Bragantina region: Verequete. Mestre Verequete, as he was called, was one of those responsible for the popularisation and dissemination of carimbó, a rhythm and dance from Pará.