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Dorival Caymmi

Dorival Caymmi was born in Salvador, Bahia, on 30 April 1914. Due to family circumstances, he had to interrupt his studies in his 1st year of intermediate school (today’s 5th grade), going to work as an office clerk and later as a sales clerk.

Getúlio Cavalcanti

The second son to Aluísio Holanda Cavalcanti and Marina Matias de Souza, Getúlio de Souza Cavalcanti was born in the city of Camutanga, in the northern Forest Zone of Pernambuco on 10 February 1942. Before him, Darcy (the firstborn) and Aluísio Júnior were born.

Gilberto Gil

Gilberto Passos Gil Moreira was born on 26 June 1942, in the city of Salvador, Bahia, and at only three weeks of age, went to live in the city of Ituaçu, in the interior of the State. He would spend his childhood there with his family.

Jackson do Pandeiro

Singer, instrumentalist and composer, José Gomes Filho, known as ‘Jackson do Pandeiro’ (Tambourine Jackson), was born in Alagoa Grande, Paraíba, on 31 August 1919, to potter José Gomes and ‘coco pernambucana’ singer Flora Mourão (Glória Maria da Conceição).

João Melchíades Ferreira

Popular poet and singer João Melchíades Ferreira da Silva was born in Bananeiras, Paraíba, on 7 September 1869.