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Armorial Movement

Brazilian Armorial Art is that which has as its principal roots the connection with the magical spirit of the “pamphlets” of the Popular Ballads of the Northeast (Cordel literaturel), with the music of the viola, fiddle or fife accompany its “songs”, and with Woodcuttings that illustrate its covers.

Black Awarenss Day

In Rio Grande do Sul at the beginning of the 1970s, Grupo Palmares, a cultural group that also discussed racial and social issues, concluded that the existence of the Palmares Quilombo was the most important moment in the history of black people in Brazil.

Brazilian ‘Valentine’s Day’

Dating can be considered as the initial manifestation of the biological tendency to form heterosexual pairs by sexual attraction that develops in man from the organic changes of adolescence and puberty.

Buriti (tree)

Buriti (Mauritia vinifera, Mart.), a plant from the palm family also known as meriti, muriti, muruti, coqueiro-buriti, boriti, carandá-guaçu or carandaí-guaçu, is one of the largest palm trees in Brazil, reaching up to thirty-five metres in height.

Cachaça, Folklore

The name originates from the fields of the Minho region in Portugal. The word ‘cachaça’, however, never caught on in either that country or in Spain. The oldest recorded of the word is from the 16th century.