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Cachaça, Folklore

The name originates from the fields of the Minho region in Portugal. The word ‘cachaça’, however, never caught on in either that country or in Spain. The oldest recorded of the word is from the 16th century.

Clothing And Ornaments Of Brazilian Indians

At the time of the discovery of Brazil, the Brazilian natives were naked. This is how the Portuguese settlers found them. Costumes and decorations were commonly used in rituals and celebrations, as they are today in many tribes, especially the most isolated.

Cocada [Coconut Candy]

From the island of Cape Verde, the coconut tree (cocos nucifera L.) was introduced to Brazil by the Portuguese in the 16th century. However, it appears that this plant is originally from India but was brought by navigators and cultivated on African soil.


Dengue is an acute febrile viral disease that greatly affects the populations of tropical and subtropical countries, both in summer and after the rainy season.

Ferrovia Transnordestina

The Transnordestina was planned due to the importance of railway transport for the sustainable economic, social and environmental development.