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Jequitibá (tree)

The jequitibá – Cariniana legalis – is one of the highest trees in Brazil, including jatobá, asapucaia, angelim, jaterena, and jenipaparana, being the largest of the Atlantic Forest.

Madeira-Mamoré Railway

The story of the Madeira-Mamoré Railway (MMR) can be compared to adventure stories, as there are so many characters and plot twists involved. It all started in 1846 when the government of Bolivia considered the possibility of reaching the Atlantic Ocean via the Madeira and Mamoré rivers.

Marching Bands (Bandas de Música)

In Brazil, although there is confirmation of the existence of military bands in the second half of the 18th century in Pernambuco, they began to be more popular from the arrival of D. João VI and his court to Rio de Janeiro, in 1808.


Mucamas were black home slaves that helped in the housework or accompanied members of the family, specially the sinhás-donas (the housewives) and sinhá-moças (the young daughters of the family), at the time of slavery in Brazil.

North Brazilian Cuisine

The gastronomy of the region, however, despite having had strong Portuguese and African influence over the centuries, is still based on that of the indigenous culture.