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Ponte D’Uchoa (Locality, Recife)

The expression Ponte D’Uchoa, on the other hand, was the nickname of a captain who was the plantation’s master in the 17th century. He was called Antônio Borges Uchoa and had fought against the Dutch.

Ponte D’Uchoa (Locality, Recife)

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Last update: 25/03/2020

By: Semira Adler Vainsencher - N/I

The locality known today as Ponte D’Uchoa was originally a narrow winding road owned by Captain Henrique Martins, which served as access to the plantations of Casa Forte, Monteiro, Apipucos and finally Dois Irmãos. It departed from the extreme west of Boa Vista, situated on the left bank of the Capibaribe River. Only with the closure of the mills at the beginning of the 19th century did the path start to take on a more regular layout.

the past, however, the lands were called Sítio Guardez. General Matias de Albuquerque, in his reports to the kings of Portugal shortly after the Dutch invasion, also referred to the locality as Sítio Guardez. The name seems to have been a reference to one of the ancestors of Inês Guardez de Andrade, as registered in a chronicle of 1633:

[...] Consequently, that general calls the Governor of the Indians, D. Antônio Felipe Camarão, and orders him with the corps under his command to ambush at the farm called Guardez, which dominates the river, and the captains Luis Barbalho, Manuel Rabelo da França, Miguel de Abreu, and others, who grouped together with eight hundred men in Parnamirim, in the vicinity of that place, for what could happen.

The expression Ponte D’Uchoa, on the other hand, was the nickname of a captain who was the plantation’s master in the 17th century. He was called Antônio Borges Uchoa and had fought against the Dutch.

On one occasion, Antonio decided to build a bridge near the mouth of the Parnamirim River in order to be able to more frequently visit his wife’s relatives who lived on the opposite bank of the Capibaribe. From there came the nickname ‘Ponte do Uchôa’ [Uchôa’s Bridge]. This happened after 1654, when Antonio took possession of the Torre sugarcane mill.

Through a deed drawn up on 8 January 1766, and under the invocation of Our Lady of the Conception of Ponte d’Uchoa, Henrique Martins – another landowner – had a chapel built in an area that was called Jaqueiras.

In 1782 – the year of the death of Henrique Martins – due to the involvement of the owner in an embezzlement case in the Pernambuco bishopric’s treasury, his lands and all the other goods go to auction and are sold to Domingo Afonso Ferreira. He sold the property to Bento José da Costa in 1817, a Portuguese militia colonel and commander of a corps from the Recife garrison, who was still a wealthy merchant. Bento had a two-storey house built to serve as his residence, as well as a games pavilion, and also lavishly upgraded the Chapel of Our Lady of Conception.

When he died in February 1834, his bones were placed in a mausoleum on the main altar of the chapel, where they still remain.

There is no trace left of the residence of Bento José. The last official word of it was in 1858, when Mr Manoel José da Costa – guardian of the orphans of the commander José Ramos de Oliveira, the last owner of those lands – ordered the building to be demolished, divided the property into lots and sold the land to various buyers.


Recife, 24 July 2003.
(Updated on 28 July 2009).
Translated by Peter Leamy, December 2016.

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