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Boa Vista Bridge, Recife

It originated in the time of the Dutch. In 1640, Prince Maurice of Nassau ordered the construction of a bridge by which residents could cross the Capibaribe River, from the continent to Santo Antônio Island, and from there to Recife, coming and going continually without burden.

Limoeiro Bridge, Recife

The first bridge erected at the site was metal, having only tracks on sleepers. There was no walkway for pedestrians. It was built in 1881 to allow trains to pass from a railway, known as the ‘linha norte do Estado’ (northern State line), built by Great Western.

Ponte D’Uchoa (Locality, Recife)

The locality known today as Ponte D’Uchoa was originally a narrow winding road owned by Captain Henrique Martins, which served as access to the plantations of Casa Forte, Monteiro, Apipucos and finally Dois Irmãos.