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Estácio Coimbra

On 22 October 1872, on the Tentugal plantation in Barreiros, Pernambuco, Estácio de Albuquerque Coimbra was born. He was the first son of João Coimbra.

F. Pessoa de Queiroz

Francisco Pessoa de Queiroz, better-known as F. Pessoa de Queiroz, was a diplomat, journalist and businessman, and also Federal Congressman and Senator of the Republic. He was born in Umbuzeiro, a town in Paraíba on the border with Pernambuco, on 7 November 1890, to João Vicente Queiroz and Mirandol

Francisco Julião

Francisco Julião Arruda de Paula was born on 16 February 1915, in the Municipality of Bom Jardim, in Pernambuco, and spent his childhood on the Boa Esperança, or Espera, farm.

Geraldo Magalhães Melo

Geraldo Magalhães Melo, a civil engineer, was the fourth son of Odorico Meloand Rosa Parente de Magalhães Melo.

Gervásio Pires Ferreira

On 26 June 1765, Gervásio Pires Ferreira was born in the parish of São Frei Pedro Gonçalves, located in the province of Recife (now the city of Recife). Son of Portuguese parents, he was taken by them before turning twelve to study at Mafra College in Portugal.