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Carmo Church and Convent, Olinda,PE

The Carmo Church and Convent are located in the municipality of Olinda. In spite of the frequent remodelling that they have undergone, they still maintain almost all the primitive aspects that they had in the mid-17th century,.

Carnival Associations of Recife and Olinda: Frevo Clubs

Known to be plural and multicultural, the Carnival of Pernambuco – besides the various manifestations all over the state – stands out in the cities of Recife and Olinda.

Church and Hospital of Mercy, Olinda, PE

In 1630, at the southern end of Rua Nova, in Olinda, the Mercy Hospital and its church were functioning. But with the great fire of 1631 caused by the Dutch, the buildings were in ruins, and the brothers of Mercy retired to Arraial do Bom Jesus.

Church and Monastery of São Bento [St Benedict] (OLINDA)

Today, the Monastery of St Benedict is maintained thanks to its patrimony and the donations collected in the chapels of the Church of Our Lady of the Mount, Olinda, and the Church of Our Lady of Pleasures in Montes Guararapes.

Church of Nossa Senhora da Graça [Our Lady of Grace], Olinda, PE

Located on the hill of the Seminary of Olinda and connected to the former Seminary, the Church of Our Lady of Grace was built in wood and clay by the Grantee Duarte Coelho in 1551.