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Adolpho Lisboa Market, Manaus, AM

Located in the historical center of Manaus, with 3,500 square meters of constructed area, the architectural complex of the Adolpho Lisboa Market is composed of four forged iron structure pavilions imported from Europe: and labeled: Center Hall, Meat Hall, Fish Hall and Turtle Hall.

Boa Vista Market

Boa Vista Market, located on Santa Cruz St,  Boa Vista, Recife, was built at the beginning of the 19th century, however the date of its inauguration is unknown.

Casa Amarela Market

Inaugurated on 9 November 1930, with a marching band and the then-State interventor, Carlos de Lima Cavalcanti, Casa Amarela Market is located on Padre Lemos St (1930 Arraial Rd), in an constructed area originally of 817m2.

Encruzilhada Market

Construction of the Encruzilhada (Crossroads) Market began in March 1924, with its inauguration on 18 October of the same year by the Governor at the time, Sérgio Loreto.

Madalena Market

Madalena Market is situated at 270 Real da Torre St, with its construction beginning on 6 February 1925. Inaugurated on 19 October that same year, by Governor Sérgio Loreto, it was a meeting point for market sellers who dealt with fruit and vegetables.