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Aníbal Bruno

Anibal Bruno de Oliveira Firmo was born in the town of Palmares,Pernambuco, on 22 March 1890, toGercinoParente de Oliveira Firmo and Candida Carmelinda de Oliveira.

Arthur Ramos

Arthur de Araújo Pereira Ramos was born in the municipality of Pilar, todayManguaba, in Alagoas, inthe house at 195 Amazonas Street (nowadaysWenceslau Batista Avenue), on 7July 1903, to doctor Manuel Ramos de Araújo and Ana Ramos.

Jorge de Lima

The writer, poet, doctor, painter and translator Jorge Mateus de Lima was born on 23 April 1893, in the municipality of União dos Palmares, Alagoas, the region where the Quilombo dos Palmares existed.

José Carlos Cavalcanti Borges

He was born inthe city of Goiana, Pernambuco, on 15 March 1910, to José Carlos Cavalcanti Borges and Candida Correia de Oliveira Cavalcanti Borges.

Nelson Chaves

Doctor and nutritionist, Nelson Ferreira de Castro Chaves was born in 1906, on the Venus Plantation in the municipality of Água Preta, in the southern forest area of Pernambuco.