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Nilo Coelho

Nilo Coelho de Souza was a doctor, industrialist and politician, and was the first governor elected by indirect elections in Pernambuco after the military coup of 1964.

Octávio de Freitas

José Octávio de Freitas (better known as Octávio de Freitas) was born in Teresina, Piauí, on 24 February 1871, but moved to Recife as a child. His parents were José Manoel de Freitas, a judge who held the position of President of the Province of Maranhão.

René Ribeiro

René Ribeiro was born on 3 January 1914, in the city of Recife, to Jefferson Firmino Ribeiro and Celina Osias Ribeiro.

Théo Brandão

Theotônio Vilela Brandão, known as Théo Brandão, was born on 26 January 1907, in the city of Viçosa, Alagoas, to the doctor and pharmacist Manoel de Barros Loureiro Brandão and his cousin Carolina Vilela Brandão.

Ulysses Pernambucano

Ulysses Pernambucano de Mello Sobrinho was a doctor, psychiatrist, professor and psychologist, even before the regulation of the profession, which only occurred 21 years after his death.