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Agrarian Reform in Brazil

Agrarian Reform is not simply the redistribution of land, instead it is a broad process of change that involves the political, social, technical, and economic fields.

Amazonian Food

Despite the initial Portuguese influence, and later the French and others, inhabitants of Amazonia did not lose the general habit of consuming regional food and drinks, preserving, mainly in the inland, a very lively tradition trait.

Banditry (Cangaço)

Cangaço was born in the 18th century, a period when the country’s interior had not yet been tamed. Even then, the bandit Jesuíno Brilhante (aka Cabeleira) attacked Recife, but was arrested and hanged.

Basilica of Our Lady of Nazareth (Belém, PA)

The only Basilica in the Brazilian Amazon has its history linked to the discovery of the image of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré by the caboclo Plácido

Brazil, regions and population (2010 Census)

The demographic censuses conducted in Brazil and worldwide are essential reference sources for the planning of public policies.