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Babassu (oil palm)

The Indians gave some specific names to babassu, such as aguaçu, uauçu, coco-de-macaco and coco-pindoba.

Musician Wren (Uirapuru)

The Uirapuru [Musician Wren] is a small and restless bird of only 12.5cm in length. Its scientific name is Cyphorhinus aradus and it belongs to the Troglodytidae family. It feeds basically on fruits and insects and its natural habitat is the forests and bush of the Amazon.

Orange Lighthouse, Amapá

Due to lack of funds and on the grounds that the coastal navigation in the northeast Amazon was far from the coast, the first records of Orange Lighthouse date back to 1947. It is located in Oiapoque, Amapá.

River Dolphin (Boto)

The river dolphin was discovered and scientifically studied by Rodrigues Ferreira, in February 1790, and Henry Walter Bates, an Englishman who spent eleven years researching the flora and fauna of the Amazon region.