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Typhis Pernambucano

The Typhis Pernambucano, political newspaper, founded and directed by Frei Caneca, had its first edition published on 25 December 1823.

Typhis Pernambucano

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Last update: 19/03/2020

By: Lúcia Gaspar - Librarian of the Fundação Joaquim Nabuco

The Typhis Pernambucano, political newspaper, founded and directed by Frei Caneca, had its first edition published on 25 December 1823.

Respecting the press law of the time, sanctioned on 22 November 1823, Frei Caneca used the newspaper to criticize the politics of the time and defend constitutional liberty.

The name Typhis is a reference to Typhus, the inventor of navigation and the pilot of the Argos, a ship built for the conquest of the Golden Fleece (a sheep in Greek mythology). Frei Caneca searched, like the navigator, for constitutional liberty through his newspaper. He used language of the Argonauts (the legendary crew of the mythological Argos) in every edition of the Typhis Pernambucano.

The paper was published weekly on Thursdays, in a 30 x 21cm format and always had, under the paper’s name, the following verses from Os Lusíadas, by Luís de Camões:

Uma nuvem que os ares escurece, (A cloud that the airs darken)
Sobre nossas cabeças aparece. (Over our heads appears)

It is an important source for historians of the political ideals of Pernambuco. Every edition of the Typhis Pernambucano can be found in recent books. The Legislative Assembly of Pernambuco published, in 1972, the Obras políticas e literárias (Political and Literary Works) of Frei Joaquim do Amor Divino Caneca (facsimile edition), edited by Antônio Joaquim de Melo, and the Federal Senate published O Typis Pernambucano, edited by Vamireh Chacon and Leonardo Leite Neto, in 1984.

The paper ceased publication with the 29th edition on 12 August 1824. The journalist Frei Caneca suspended it to join the troops battling the Morgado do Cabo, who had already been defeated and were on their way to Ceará. Its founder and editor was arrested and sent to Recife, being executed by firing squad on 13 January 1825, at the Forte das Cinco Pontas (Five Points Fort).
Recife, 6 May 2004.
(Updated on 8 September 2009).
Translated by Peter Leamy, February 2011.

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