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Manoel Borba

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Manoel Borba

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Last update: 02/04/2018

By: Lúcia Gaspar - Librarian of the Fundação Joaquim Nabuco

Manoel Antonio Pereira Borba was born on the Paquivira Plantation, near the municipality of Tiambaúba, Pernambuco, on 19 March 1864.

He was the son of Simão Velho Pereira Borba, a liberal in the Praieira Revolt (1848), and Inês Maria de Andrade Lima, great-niece of José de Barros Lima, the “Leão Coroado” (Crowned Lion) of the 1817 Revolt.

He studied at the school of Professor Demétrio Toledo, in the town of Pilar, Paraíba, and after moving to Recife, at the school of Professor Albino Meira, finishing with the Humanities course at the Colégio Pernambucano.

In 1883, he entered the Recife Faculty of Law, earning his degree in 1887.

In 1888, he was already practicing law in Itambé, Pernambuco and was appointed prosecutor for the Itabuna County.

He was moved to the Recife prosecutor’s office in 1889, remaining in this role for only 60 days, resigning to defend himself against accusations made against him, which were later withdrawn.

He held the positions of Federal Congressman, Leader of the Pernambuco Federal Representatives, Governor of the State of Pernambuco and Senator.

In 1914, he was elected Mayor of Goiana, PE, taking on the position alongside the role of congressman.

As Governor of Pernambuco (1915-1919), he created the Imprensa Oficial (Official Press), gave special attention to constructing roads and bridges, allowed for an increase in cattle-raising and improvement in bovine breeds, introducing the Nelore breed to the State. After his term as governor, he was elected senator.

With the death of his wife, Maria de Andrade Borba, who left him with five daughters and three sons, he retired to Goiana.

Aged 64, he was preparing to return to public life when during a meal he swallowed a small chicken bone, making him have to undergo surgery. Being diabetic, there were serious problems in the operation that led to his death, in Recife’s Hospital Português, on 11 August 1928.


Recife, 18 July 2003.
Updated on 16 September 2009.
Translated by Peter Leamy, January 2012.
Updated on 2 april 2018.

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