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Leduar de Assis Rocha

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Doctor, writer and journalist


Leduar de Assis Rocha

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By: Lúcia Gaspar - Librarian of the Fundação Joaquim Nabuco

Doctor, writer and journalist, Leduar Figueirôa de Assis Rocha was born on 2 September 1904 in the city of Olinda, Pernambuco.

He attended primary and secondary schools in Recife and Olinda, graduating in the tenth class of the Recife Faculty of Medicinein 1934, then located in the neighbourhood of Derby.

Descending from a family of journalists, theFiguerôas, who for a long time were the owners of the Diario de Pernambuco,he began working in the press in 1925 as a reviewer of the newspaper A Província (The Province), also acting later in A Notícia (The News) and in the Jornal Pequeno (Small Journal).

He was a columnist atJornal do Commercio of Recife from 1965 to 1978, and also a contributor to the Diario de Pernambuco, where he wrote primarily on issues related to the history of medicine and their institutions in Pernambuco.

By means of his journalistic activities, as a journalist, he achieved his primary goal of being a doctor:

I graduated in Medicine for idealism. For almost fifty years of life,I could not hold a savings account. I was more a doctor to the poor than to those who could pay me well. All that I earned went to support the family, always growing, as I have eleven children who,thank God, I managed to educate and give a right guideline in life. (Testimony to the Museum of Image and Sound)

While still a medical student, he worked at the Postal Board of Pernambuco. After graduation, he initially became a medical expert and then Head of the Medical Board, a position he held for 27 years. That’s why he said that the Post Office was the basis of his economic life.

Leduar also developed many other professional activities in public health care institutions, such as the Dermatology Clinic of the Pedro II Hospital and the Manoel de Almeida Children’s Hospital, in addition to exercising the positions of professor atthe Federal University of Pernambuco’s (UFPE) Faculty of Medicineand University of Pernambuco’s (UPE) Faculty of Medical Sciences.

He collaborated with Professor José Octavio Freitason the management of the Medical Society of Pernambuco, and was a member of the Regional Council of Medicine of Pernambuco.

He was elected to the Pernambuco Academy of Letterson 20September 1955, taking office on 26 January 1956, occupying chair No. 15, whose patron is Francisco Cismontano.

He participated in various institutions, such as Olinda Academy of Letters, the Historical Institute of Olinda, and the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Conception of the Military, and served also as secretary of the Pernambuco Academy of Medicine, founded in Recife on 27 December 1970, where he also occupied chair No. 5, whose patron is Antônio Peregrino Maciel Monteiro.

He founded and edited the History of MedicineJournal and contributed to the publication of two journals in the medical field: Brazilian Journal of Medicine and thePernambucoJournal of Medicine.

He is the author of several books, among which the following stand out:


Memória histórica sobre a data do estabelecimento dos Correios em Pernambuco(Historical Memory about the Date of Establishment of Post Offices in Pernambuco), 1927;

Médicos, cirurgiões e boticas(Physicians, Surgeons and Apothecaries), 1941;

Figueirôa do Diario: ensaio biográfico do homem e da obra(Figueirôa do Diario:biographical essay on the man and his work), 1946;

Aforismo de Hipócrates(Aphorism of Hippocrates), 1952;

Velhos médicos, velha medicina(Old Doctors, Old Medicine), 1953;

Notas sobre um higienista pernambucano do século XIX(Notes on a Pernambuco hygienist [Joaquim de Aquino Fonseca] from the nineteenth century), 1955;

Efemérides médicas pernambucanas dos séculos XVI, XVII e XVIII (Pernambuco Medical Ephemerides of the 16th, 17thand 18th Centuries), 1956;

Subsídios para a história do Pronto Socorro do Recife(Subsidies for the History of the Emergency Room of Recife), 1957;

Padre Antonio Manuel Félix: apóstolo dos hansenianos de Pernambuco(Father Antonio Manuel Félix: Apostle of the Lepers of Pernambuco), 1958;

História da medicina em Pernambuco(History of Medicine in Pernambuco), 1960 (v.1) e 1962 (v.2);

História da odontologia em Pernambuco(History of Dentistry in Pernambuco), 1963;

Ética e medicina(Ethics and Medicine),1965;

Riachuelo, 1865, 1965;

Do Forte do Matos à rua da Aurora: subsídios para a história do “Palácio Joaquim Nabuco”(FromFortMatosto AuroraStreet:subsidies for the history of the “JoaquimNabucoPalace”), 1967;

Flagrante de um congresso(Flagrant of a Congress), 1971;

Instituição do ensino médico em Pernambuco: achegas a sua história(Establishment of Medical Education in Pernambuco: additional comments on its history), 1974;

Faculdade de Ciências Médicas de Pernambuco (Faculty of Medical Sciences of Pernambuco), 1975;

Anais da medicina pernambucana (Annals of Pernambuco Medicine), 1842-1844, 1977;

Hospital Infantil: memória de meio século (Children’s Hospital: memoryof half a century), 1979;

Pediatria e puericultura em Pernambuco (Paediatrics and Child Care in Pernambuco), 1987.

Forte do Brum: patrimônio histórico nacional (Fort of Brum: National Historic Landmark)(without indication of date);

He also published several articles in journals such as Archives (Recife City Council), Anuário de Olinda (Olinda Yearbook), Revista do Museu do Açúcar (Magazine of the Sugar Museum), Nordeste(Northeast), and Caderno Moinho Recife (Recife Mill Notebook).

Due to his importance to medicine and the State’s medical literature, the Brazilian Society of Medical Writers in Pernambuco honoured him by selecting 2004 as the LeduarAssis Rocha Year of Literary.

Leduar Figueroa de Assis Rocha died, aged 90, on October 25 1994, and was buried in the Santo Amaro cemetery in Recife.

Recife, 7 august 2003.

(Updated on 9 september 2009).

Translated by Peter Leamy, March 2012.

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