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Entroncamento [Junction] Park

Entroncamento [Junction] was given to it by the Recife population, in the same way that the name was given to the neighbourhood of Encruzilhada [Crossroads].

Entroncamento [Junction] Park

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Last update: 24/03/2020

By: Semira Adler Vainsencher - N/I

In the past, today’s Entroncamento Park represented the intersection of railroads (the maxambombas) – from Arraial, Várzea and Dois Irmãos. The denomination Entroncamento [Junction] was given to it by the Recife population, in the same way that the name was given to the neighbourhood of Encruzilhada [Crossroads].

At its centre, a neoclassical iron fountain was designed, featuring a slender column with leaves and flowers, and a woman and gargoyles higher up, from where water flows.

The square was inaugurated in during the government of Mayor Antônio Correia de Góis, with the official name of Praça Correia de Araújo, an homage to a governor that Pernambuco had in 1896. There is an inscription at the base of the fountain with the following words:

Inaugurated on 19 October 1925.
Mayor Antônio de Góis.
Around the fountain, a circle of palm trees can be enjoyed.

Entroncamento Square has a large number of mango trees (Mangifera indica L.) that were planted in 1924, during the Sérgio Loreto government. In recent years, the place was reformed and a playground was installed inside.

Near the square is the Palácio de São José dos Manguinhos, in the Graças district, which served as the official residence for many years of the late Dom Hélder Câmara, Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, and next to it is the Chapel of São José dos Manguinhos.

Very close to the square is the traditional Portuguese Club of Recife, founded in 1934, and Agamenon Magalhães Avenue. Before this avenue is the Ágnes Eriskine College, which was founded by Presbyterian missionaries and has been operating since 1904.

Around Entroncamento Square, due to the accelerated process of urbanisation, the great mansions of old times have been transformed into commercial establishments of various types: banks, pharmacies, bookstores and others. At present, the area is a very important artery by which most of the vehicles that come from the suburbs to the centre of Recife pass.

Every year in the month of December, Entroncamento Square is illuminated by thousands of Christmas lamps which are placed around the trees and plants, the park and the lampposts. Particularly at night, this public area becomes a magnificent scene.

Recife, 14 November 2003.
Translated by Peter Leamy, December 2016.

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