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Recife Central Station

In the mid-19th century (1850-1856) the terminal of the Northeast Railway Network was built, and it was called Estação Central [Central Station]. This construction is on the left bank of the Capibaribe River and in front of the current House of Culture on Floriano Peixoto Street.

Recife Surface Metro (METROREC)

METROREC was designed to serve 165,000 users per day. In December of 2002, the metro’s fleet was 25 trains, and each train in turn had four cars, each of them 22m long.

Train Museum, Recife

In 1972, in the old Central Station, today the Recife Metro (METROREC), the Train Museum was created. This was patronised by sociologist and anthropologist Gilberto Freyre, and was guided by the then Joaquim Nabuco Institute for Social Research, now the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation.