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June Birds

A traditional performance that combines theatre, music, dance and literature, with lessons of humanity and respect for nature, the Pássaros Juninos (June Birds) are one of the most creative expressions of popular culture in Pará.

Parque [Park] Theatre

The Parque Theatre was built by a Portuguese merchant, Comendador Bento Luís de Aguiar, who invested two hundred (200) contos de réis, and was inaugurated by the Companhia Portuguesa de Operetas e Revistas do Teatro Avenida [Avenida Theatre’s Portuguese Company of Operettas and Reviews].

Pernambuco Amateur Theatre (TAP) and Valdemar de Oliveira Theatre

The appearance of the Valdemar de Oliveira Theatre is confused with the story of the Pernambuco Amateur Theatre (TAP). In this sense, it is very difficult to speak of one without mentioning the other. The TAP was without a doubt a creation of the doctor Valdemar de Oliveira, appearing by chance.

Pernambuco Students’ Theater

The plays that the students of Recife want to perform are an audacious attempt to make the art of representing go back to its former and genuine format, in direct contact with people, outdoor, free of charge, in a public square.

Santa Isabel Theatre, Recife, PE

The idea to construct a public theatre in Recife came from the President of the Pernambuco Province at the time, Francisco do Rego Barros, Baron, Viscount and later Count of Boa Vista.