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Amazon Theater, Manaus, AM

The construction of a theater in the city of Manaus was a demand in that region, which would then face an unprecedented economic and cultural growth starting from the worldwide interest in the sap from the rubber trees of the Amazonian forest.

Apolo Theatre, Recife, PE

Constructed between 1835 and 1840, the theatre was only inaugurated on 19 December 1846, with the staging of the play O Mouro de Ormuz (The Moor from Ormuz) and compliments from the local press about the building’s architecture.

Arthur Azevedo Theater

In 1815, the building of the theater started, and the next year, on 1st December 1816, with the building still unfinished, a free show was offered to the population to celebrate the Restoration of Portugal.

Deodoro Theater, Maceió, AL

Located in the Marechal Deodoro Square (“Deodore Marshal Square”), in the downtown of Maceió, Alagoas, the Deodore Theater had its cornerstone laid in June, 11th, 1905.

Geninha da Rosa Borges

Maria Eugênia Franco de Sá da Rosa Borges, better-known as Geninha da Rosa Borges, the first lady of Pernambuco theatre, was born in Recife on 21 June 1922, to Edgard Autran Franco de Sá and Maria Emília Fioch Pinto Franco de Sá.