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Capela Dourada [Golden Chapel]

Gradually being added onto, the old chapel received contributions from famous artists and became the greatest symbol of Baroque religious art, today known as Capela Dourada da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco do Recife [Golden Chapel of the Third Order of St Francis of Recife].

Church of the Blessed Sacrament of St Anthony, Recife, PE

The Blessed Sacrament of St Anthony Parish Church is one of the most beautiful temples in Recife. It is colonial-Baroque in style, its construction began in 1753 and was completed in 1790, and it was dedicated to St Anthony.

Santo Antônio (neighbourhood, Recife)

The first sugar mills – made up of sugar planters and their families, farmers, chaplains, factories, bankers and slaves – appeared on the banks of the Capibaribe river, becoming large population centres whose slave quarters multiplied, giving rise to villages.