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Eudes Chagas

José Eudes Chagas, known as the King of Maracatu, was born in the city of Olinda, Pernambuco, in 1921. He moved to Recife when he was still a child, and he went to live in the beginning of Água Fria neighborhood and afterwards in the neighborhood of Pina.

King Momus

In Greek mythology, Momus is the son of Sleepiness and of Night, the god of festivities. Happy, casual, mocker, irreverent, sarcastic and satirical, he used to ridicule the other gods, the reason he was expelled from the Olympus and sent out to Earth.

Luiz Gonzaga

Known as the king of ‘baião’, Luiz do Nascimento Gonzaga was born on 13 December 1912, on the Caiçara farm, in the municipality of Exu, located at the foot of the Serra do Araripe, Pernambuco. He was the son of accordionist and instrument repairman Januário José dos Santos and Ana Batista de Jesus.