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Sancho (Neighborhood, Recife)

The name Sancho was inherited from the former owner of a beautiful farm, João Ribeiro Sanches.

Santo Amaro Cemetery

Its construction was started in the government of Francisco do Rego Barros and its inauguration took place on 1 March 1851, with the name of Cemitério do Bom Jesus da Redenção de Santo Amaro das Salinas [Cemetery of the Good Jesus of the Redemption of Saint Amaro of Salinas].

Santo Amaro (Neighborhood, Recife)

The Santo Amaro neighborhood had its origins in 1681, when Major Luís do Rego Barros built, on the ruins of the Salinas Fort, a chapel under the call of Santo Amaro das Salinas.

São José (Neighborhood, Recife)

The São José neighborhood, one of the oldest and most traditional neighborhoods of Recife, has an area of 178 hectares and a population of 8,653 inhabitants (2000 Census, IBGE - Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

Sítio da Trindade (Recife, PE)

Located in the quarter of Casa Amarela in the municipality of Recife, the Sítio Trindade was an important territory during the Dutch invasion (1630–1654). In that elevated area was located the Arraial do Bom Jesus Fort, also known as Arraial Velho, a fortification made of rammed earth by the general