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Octávio de Freitas Sanatorium Complex

Conjunto Sanatorial Octávio de Freitas, the oldest hospital complex dedicated to the treatment of tuberculosis in Pernambuco, was named in honor of the sanitarian doctor from Piauí who, in Recife, had a great participation in the regulation of hygiene measures and in the fight against epidemics, Oct

Pernambuco Carnival: personalities

Personalities from memory of Pernambuco carnival.

Recife (Neighborhood)

The birth of Recife, the oldest neighborhood in the city, dates back to the 16th century. At that time, it was called Freguesia de São Frei Pedro Gonçalves

Recife's Urban Transportation

The history of public transport in Recife can be traced back to 1841, when Englishman Tomás Sayle made four-wheeled horse-drawn stagecoaches available on the Monteiro line.


SaGRAMA is an instrumental group, also called Banda Sinfônica do Recife, which works with music from Pernambuco based on popular manifestations. It is composed by professors from the Pernambuco Conservatory of Music.