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Agamenon Magalhães

On 5 November 1894, in the former town of Vila Bela in the Pernambuco hinterland, today Serra Talhada, Agamenon Sérgio de Godoy Magalhães was born. He came from a family of ten children – four boys and six girls. He was the son of Antônia de Godoy Magalhães and Sérgio Nunes de Magalhães.

Alvaro Lins

Álvaro de Barros Lins, the son of Pedro AlexandrinoLins and Francisca de Barros Lins, was born in Caruaru, Pernambuco, on 14 December 1912. He attended primary school in his hometown and secondary school in Recife, at Colégio Salesiano and Father Felix Gymnasium.

Aníbal Bruno

Anibal Bruno de Oliveira Firmo was born in the town of Palmares,Pernambuco, on 22 March 1890, toGercinoParente de Oliveira Firmo and Candida Carmelinda de Oliveira.

Aníbal Fernandes

Aníbal Gonçalves Fernandes was a teacher, a journalist, a cabinet official of Governor Sérgio Loreto, Secretary of Justice and Instruction, and a state congressman, but his greatest passion was journalism.

Anísio Teixeira

Anísio Spínola Teixeira is born in Caetité, in the backlands of Bahia, on July 12, to Deocleciano Pires Teixeira and Ánna Spínola Teixeira. Graduates as a Bachelor of Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Rio de Janeiro.