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Brites de Albuquerque

Brites de Albuquerque, the wife of Duarte Coelho Pereira,the first grantee of the Captaincy of Pernambuco, was born in Portugal in about 1517 and died in Brazil in 1584. She belonged to an illustrious family of the Portuguese nobility, the daughter of Lopo de Albuquerque and D. Ana de Bulhões.

Gypsies in Brazil

It is likely that the first Gypsies banished from Portugal have arrived in Brazil in the 1560s and 1570s. There are records of Gypsies accused and sentenced to serve time in the Kingdom that, for personal reasons, requested commutation of the sentence to exile, and then were sent to the Colony.

Henry Koster

Son of an English businessman from Liverpool, John Theodore Koster, Henry Koster was born in Lisbon, Portugal. The correct date of his birth is unknown, but his arrival in Recife, on 7 September 1809, states he was 25 years old.