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Dahlia Festival, Taquaritinga Do Norte, PE

An integral part of the events of the Pernambuco Cultural Nation Festival, the former Circuito do Frio (Cold Circuit), the ‘Festa das Dálias’ (Dahlia Festival) has taken place since 2000 in the town of Taquaritinga do Norte in the Pernambuco countryside.


In the North and Northeast regions of Brazil, ‘fandango’ is a popular spectacle that envelops romance, dance, music, anecdotes, sayings, legends and prayers. It is a festival to honour sailors which takes place at Christmas time.

Lambe-Sujos versus Caboclinhos Party

Popular expression known in the capital cities and in the countryside of the states of Sergipe and Alagoas, the Lambe-Sujo versus Caboclinhos Party alludes to the destruction of quilombos in indigenous lands.

Popular Cultura Movement (MCP)

The Popular Culture Movement (MCP) was created on 13 May 1960 as a non-profit institution during the first term of Miguel Arraes as Mayor of Recife. Its headquarters were in Sítio da Trindade, the former Bom Jesus Ranch, located in the Recife neighbourhood of Casa Amarela.

Popular Expression

Research, records and the collection of vocabulary and popular expressions, particularly in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil, have always been a concern for researchers and folklorists like Alfredo de Carvalho, Pereira da Costa, Luís da Câmara Cascudo and Mário Souto Maior, among others.