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Agrarian Reform in Brazil

Agrarian Reform is not simply the redistribution of land, instead it is a broad process of change that involves the political, social, technical, and economic fields.

Amaury de Medeiros

The sanitary physician Amaury de Medeiros was born in Recife, on December 7, 1893, in a house located in the neighborhood of Parnamirim, son of Professor Bianor de Medeiros and Maria Cândida Góes Loreto de Medeiros, from the family of the Appellate Judge Góes Cavalcanti.

Barbosa Lima (Alexandre José)

Born in Recife, on March 25, 1862, son of judge Joaquim Barbosa Lima and D. Rita de Cássia.

Rosa e Silva (Francisco de Assis)

In the capital of the state of Pernambuco, on October 4, 1857, Francisco de Assis Rosa e Silva is born, son of Joana Francisca da Rosa and Albino José da Silva, a Portuguese from Minho.