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Sebastião Vila Nova

Sebastião Vila Nova was born in Rio Largo, Alagoas, on 18 January 1944. His family moved to Recife while he was still a child. From a poor background, he had to work at a young age: selling Christmas baskets door to door; working as a radio actor on radio soap operas at the Tamandaré and Clube.

Silvino Pirauá de Lima

One of the pioneers of Brazilian popular poetry, Silvino Pirauá de Lima was born in the town of Patos, Paraíba, in 1848. In 1898, because of drought, he moved to Recife, the capital of Pernambuco.

Tobias Barreto

Tobias Barreto de Meneses was born in Campos, Sergipe on 7 June 1839 to Pedro Barreto de Meneses, registrar of orphans and abandoned children in the city, and Emerenciana de Meneses.


José de Souza Dantas Filho, known as Zé Dantas or Zedantas, as he used to sign, was born in the municipality of Carnaíba de Flores, Sertão do Alto Pajeú in Pernambuco on 27 February 1921.