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Designer, painter and sculptor from Olinda, José Corbiniano Lins, was born on 2 March 1924.

Delano [Franklin]

Painter, designer and wood-cutter, Franklin Delano de França e Silva was born in the municipality of Buíque, Pernambuco, in 1945.

Eckhout, Alberto

The painter and draughtsman Alberto van der Eckhout was possibly born in 1610 in Groningen, the Netherlands, to real estate broker Albert Ekhout and Marryen Reoleffs.

Frans Post

Frans Janz Post was born in Haarlem, Holland, in 1612. Some authors claim that Post was born in Leyden, however, according to Joaquim de Souza Leão,baptism records found at Haarlem Cathedral prove that he was a native of that city.

Jorge de Lima

The writer, poet, doctor, painter and translator Jorge Mateus de Lima was born on 23 April 1893, in the municipality of União dos Palmares, Alagoas, the region where the Quilombo dos Palmares existed.