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Conceição das Crioulas

The arrival of six black women, possibly freed slaves, at the foot of the Serra do Umã (now Serra das Crioulas) marks the foundation of Conceição das Crioulas, a Quilombo Community Remnant (CRQ) located in the municipality of Salgueiro.

Cordeiro (neighbourhood, Recife)

Today’s neighbourhood of Cordeiro belongs to the parish of Várzea, located between the neighbourhoods of Zumbi and Iputinga, to about 6 kilometres from the city of Recife.

English Cemetery/The English in Pernambuco

In a place that since the 16th century had been called Santo Amaro das Salinas, of “a plot of 120 feet wide by 200 deep, expropriating and giving that area to the English Consul.

Jewish Cemetery in the Americas (Recife, PE)

The construction of Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue (or the Rock of Israel Congregation) represented one of the most important milestones of the Jewish presence in colonial Brazil.

Jewish Cuisine

Jewish cuisine is one of the tastiest and most varied cuisines worldwide. Originally, this cuisine emphasized the seven biblical elements quoted in Deuteronomy: barley, wheat, olives, figs, pomegranates, dates, and herbs.