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Cemetery of the Jews (Recife, PE)

The first Jewish Cemetery is located at the back of two existing religious institutions on Rua da Glória - the Nossa Senhora da Glória Retreat and the Santo Antônio Dispensary - as well as at the back of a private company - the Armazém de Madeira de Amadeu Barbosa.

Chico Science

Francisco de Assis França, son of Francisco França and Rita França, was born on March 13, 1966, in the hinterland of Pernambuco.

Chora Menino (locality and park, Recife)

The following story spread: during the night, whoever passed the place would hear a boy crying. After the Setembrizada revolt in 1831, the region became known as Chora Menino [Crying Boy].

Coelhos (neighbourhood, Recife)

The lands of Coelhos, because they were acquired by the descendants of the Coelhos Cintra family, became known as Sítio dos Coelhos [Coelhos’ Farm]. In 1818, the property belonged to the heirs of João Coelho da Silva and possessed a large villa house, a chapel and slave quarters.

Comendador Baltar Collection

Comendador (someone who receives a commendation) José Ferreira Baltar was a man who loved our tradition and our past (FERNANDES, 1929 p.24), and that made him collect objects that represent different moments in Pernambuco history throughout his life.