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Casa da Cultura (House of Culture), Recife

The inauguration of the House of Culture took place on April 14, 1976. Today, the site is a hub of regional culture and one of the city’s mandatories tourist spots. Its old cells are occupied by craft shops, a bookstore and coffee shops.

Dahlia Festival, Taquaritinga Do Norte, PE

An integral part of the events of the Pernambuco Cultural Nation Festival, the former Circuito do Frio (Cold Circuit), the ‘Festa das Dálias’ (Dahlia Festival) has taken place since 2000 in the town of Taquaritinga do Norte in the Pernambuco countryside.

Immaterial Heritage of Pernambuco

In Brazil, the 1988 Constitution defines cultural heritage as the goods of material and immaterial nature, individually or as a set, which refer to the identity, the action and memory of the different groups.

Roll Cake (Bolo de Rolo)

Roll Cake, a type of Swiss roll with thin layers of a local version of sponge cake, is a Brazilian dessert that originated in Pernambuco, and was officially recognised as a cultural and immaterial patrimony of the State, in 2007, through Law Ordinate nº. 379.

Samba de Roda

Considered a cultural heritage of Brazil (2004) and of Humanity (2005), samba de roda is a cultural expression occurring throughout the state of Bahia, with variations in historical, social and ecological characteristics, and is more prominent in the Recôncavo Baiano.