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Fribourg Palace, Recife, Pe

Fribourg Palace (Palácio de Friburgo), residence and office of the Governor Count John Maurice of Nassau-Siegen, was constructed on Antônio Vaz Island, the current neighbourhood of Santo Antônio, in Recife, on the area where today the Palácio do Campo das Princesas (Governor’s Palace), Santa Isabel

Palace Of Justice [Recife, Pe]

History records that the Pernambuco Justice Tribunal began during the reign of Dom John VI, from 6 February 1821. At the time it was called the ‘Pernambuco Relation Tribunal’ and was established in an area inside the old Jesuit College of Recife, on 13 August 1822.

Palacio Rio Branco, Manaus, AM

The Rio Negro Palace was built in the beginning of the 20th century, in 1903, to be the home of a rich rubber exporter, the German Karl Waldemar Scholz who was also the President of the Amazon Commercial Association and Austrian Consul.

Pernambuco Governor’s Palace

The idea for the construction of a new building for the provincial governors of Pernambuco, on the site of the former Fribourg Palace built by Maurice of Nassau, arose in the time of Governor José César de Menezes, in 1786.

Rio Branco Palace, Manaus, Am

Located next to Dom Pedro II Square, the Palace sits close to the spot where, on 9 November 1823, the joining of Amazonas to the Brazilian Independence movement by the political leaders of the time took place.