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Chapel Of Our Lady Immaculate Conception (Jaqueira, Recife, PE)

Also called “Capelinha da Jaqueira” (Chapel of Jaqueira), the Chapel of Our Lady Immaculate Conception is located near Ponte D'Uchôa, in the current Jaqueira Park. It was the chapel of the manor house of Bento José da Costa.

Coelhos (neighbourhood, Recife)

The lands of Coelhos, because they were acquired by the descendants of the Coelhos Cintra family, became known as Sítio dos Coelhos [Coelhos’ Farm]. In 1818, the property belonged to the heirs of João Coelho da Silva and possessed a large villa house, a chapel and slave quarters.

Curcuranas (Neighborhood, Recife)

A stretch of territory of very ancient origin is called Curcuranas, belonging to the municipality of Jaboatão, which is located in the vicinity of Afogados, Boa Viagem and Muribeca. At the beginning of the 17th century, there was a small settlement at the location.

Santo Amaro (Neighborhood, Recife)

The Santo Amaro neighborhood had its origins in 1681, when Major Luís do Rego Barros built, on the ruins of the Salinas Fort, a chapel under the call of Santo Amaro das Salinas.

Sítio dos Pintos (Neighborhood, Recife)

The area where this small and unknown neighborhood of Recife is located corresponds to the old town of Macacos