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Alto José do Pinho (Neighborhood, Recife)

At the beginning of the 20th century, Alto José do Pinho, initially known as Alto do Munguba – a small tree, abundant in the area – was just a steep hill on the entrance portal to the Casa Amarela neighborhood

Cabanga (District, Recife)

Cabanga is a neighborhood in Recife, Pernambuco.

Campina do Barreto (District, Recife)

The municipality of Recife has 94 districts, which are distributed in six political-administrative regions (RPA). The district of Campina do Barreto is located in RPA-02, in Northern Recife.

Capunga (District, Recife)

Capunga and Graças emerged from 19th-century settlements in the area extended from Camboa do Manguinho—today Parque Amorim (Amorim Park)—to the banks of the Capibaribe River.

Casa Amarela (Neighbourhood, Recife)

According to historian Pereira da Costa, the earliest reference tothe origin of ‘Arraial’ village, the former name of the place, is from1630, when GenMatias de Albuquerque raised the Bom Jesus royal fort to protect the interior of Pernambuco from the Dutch.