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Fife Bands (Banda de Pífanos)

It is an instrumental ensemble of percussion and wind, and one of the oldest, most characteristic and important of Brazilian folklore. Historically, the fife dates back to the early Christians who with it had a way to pay homage to the Virgin Mary at Christmas festivals.


Some academics believe the name came from a corruption of the expression for all, used by the English to invite the workers on the construction of the Northeast Brazilrailways, during the time of Great Western, to participate in the parties they had.


Associated with the festivals of devotion to Catholic saints, Marabaixo, a cultural manifestation that brings together dance, music and song, is presently related to the social identity of Amapá state.

Marching Bands (Bandas de Música)

In Brazil, although there is confirmation of the existence of military bands in the second half of the 18th century in Pernambuco, they began to be more popular from the arrival of D. João VI and his court to Rio de Janeiro, in 1808.

Quinteto Violado

The Quinteto Violado (a play on words meaning literally Violated/‘Viola-ed’ Quintet) is an instrumental-vocal group created in October 1971, in Recife, Pernambuco, having as its basic characteristic the rescue and recreation of tradition and folkloric music of Northeast Brazil.