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Adolpho Lisboa Market, Manaus, AM

Located in the historical center of Manaus, with 3,500 square meters of constructed area, the architectural complex of the Adolpho Lisboa Market is composed of four forged iron structure pavilions imported from Europe: and labeled: Center Hall, Meat Hall, Fish Hall and Turtle Hall.

Amazon Theater, Manaus, AM

The construction of a theater in the city of Manaus was a demand in that region, which would then face an unprecedented economic and cultural growth starting from the worldwide interest in the sap from the rubber trees of the Amazonian forest.

Jacaré Lighthouse, Amazonas

The Jacaré Lighthouse, located about 200 metres from the left bank of the Amazon River in the State of Amazonas, shows navigators the safest way to the Port of Manaus.

Palacio Rio Branco, Manaus, AM

The Rio Negro Palace was built in the beginning of the 20th century, in 1903, to be the home of a rich rubber exporter, the German Karl Waldemar Scholz who was also the President of the Amazon Commercial Association and Austrian Consul.

Rio Branco Palace, Manaus, Am

Located next to Dom Pedro II Square, the Palace sits close to the spot where, on 9 November 1823, the joining of Amazonas to the Brazilian Independence movement by the political leaders of the time took place.