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Herculano Bandeira De Mello

The Pernambuco politician Herculano Bandeira de Mello, son of Colonel Herculano Bandeira de Mello and Ana Joaquina Cavalcanti Bandeira de Mello, was born on the Tamataupe plantation in the town of Nazaré da Mataon 23 March 1850. Herculano Bandeira lost his father in early childhood.

Maciel Pinheiro

Before speaking about Maciel Pinheiro Square, it is necessary to know a little about the life of the honouree. Luís Ferreira Maciel Pinheiro was born in Paraíba, on 11 December 1839, the son of the Portuguese Braz Ferreira Maciel Pinheiro and Margarida Maciel Pinheiro.

Rodolfo Aureliano

Rodolfo Aureliano da Silva was born in the city of Recife on 2 November 1903, and was the fifth child of Philadelpho and Emília Aureliano da Silva. From an early age, he was awakened to the social problems of Recife, especially the poverty and the fate of abandoned minors.

The Baron of Lucena ( Henrique Pereira de Lucena)

Henrique Pereira de Lucena, the Baron of Lucena, was born on 27May1835, on lands of the sugarcane FortalezaandBoa Esperançaplantations, in the former municipality of Limoeiro, today the city of BomJardim.