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Jewish Burials

Preparing the dead for burial is a very important ceremony because the body houses the soul, and for that reason must be kept very clean. The cemetery, in turn, is called Beit Almin, which means ‘House of the World’ or ‘House of Eternity’ in Hebrew.

Jewish Culture Festival

The 1st Festival of Jewish Culture, an initiative by the Israeli Federation of Pernambuco, was held in November 1991 at the Israelite Centre of Pernambuco (CIP) located in the Torre neighbourhood in Recife.

Jewish Marriage

In a Jewish wedding, there are several significant rituals symbolising the beauty of the relationship between husband and wife, their mutual obligations as a couple, the obligations they have in relation to the Jewish people, and giving meaning to the deeper purpose of marriage.

The Jewish Synagogue of Recife

On 20 July 1926, a Jewish temple was founded in the property of 29 Martins Júnior Street in the Boa Vista neighbourhood, which for some time became known as Shil Sholem Ocnitzer, in honour of one of its founders.