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Barreto Campello

The criminologist, professor and journalist Francisco Barreto Rodrigues Campello was born on January 3, 1888, in the plantation house of the Torre mill, in Recife, to João Carneiro Rodrigues Campello and D. Laura Barreto Rodrigues Campello.

Raimundo Carrero

Raimundo Carrero de Barros Filho was born in Salgueiro, a municipality in the Pernambuco hinterland (513 km from Recife), on December 20, 1947.

Trajano Chacon

It was in the city of Recife, in a building on the corner of Hospício Street and Avenida Conde da Boa Vista that Trajano Chacon was born on January 18, 1879. When his father died, he was taken care of by an aunt, wife of the Barão de Lucena.

Zé Vicente (Lindolfo Mesquita)

Zé Vicente, a popular poet from Pará, Lindolfo Marques de Mesquita’s pseudonym, was born in Belém on January 11, 1898.